Salary Information

For job seekers, we strongly recommend researching and studying comparable industry trends for your desired job occupation. You never want to make the mistake of overselling or underselling yourself and your skillset so it’s best to get a baseline on what other companies are paying. This will also help you negotiate with the recruiter when discussing salaries. Often, people will take lower salaries just to get in with a bigger company so it’s always best to figure out what’s the most important factor to you. Salaries will vary by industry and there are tools out there that analyze big data across the United States including Glassdoor, Indeed or the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Its best not to make salary your only determinant when looking for a job because there is other factors you should consider as well including:

  • Health/Dental Benefits
  • Location
  • Company outlook
  • Work environment
  • Flexibility
  • Potential Growth