5 Interview Mistakes

  • Lack of practice - This is the most evident of all the interview mistakes. Many applicants won’t practice and study their resume so when they are questioned, it shows you didn’t prepare accordingly. We recommend you practice with a significant other or someone who can give you honest feedback.
  • Lack of confidence - Recruiters/Employers want to see confidence in their employees. This shows that you believe you can offer value and you know that. When you lack confidence during an interview, it usually means you don’t know the skills you claim to have.
  • Lack of preparation – If you can’t prepare for an interview by doing your research on the company ahead of time how can the employer expect you to prepare for this job? Many times employers will ask you about the company to test you and its best if you show that your knowledgeable about the company ahead of time.
  • Unprofessionalism – This includes being late, undressing for the interview or simply your mannerisms during the actual interview. It’s always best to over prepare and over dress than to come in shorts and a T-shirt regardless of the work environment. Unless your recruiter explicitly tells you how to dress, dress professional.
  • Dishonesty – Recruiters understand that everyone fibs their resume a little and this is expected however lying about your education or your skills can back fire. As information on the web is more readily available, recruiters will surely do their due diligence so it’s best not to waste their time or yours if you r resume is a complete fictional story. These things will show in your interview and recruiters have become experts on identifying this.

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