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Writing a resume is the first step in the job search process. This one page document outlines your education and work history for recruiters to see. Recruiters will search through hundreds of resumes effectively picking out the top 5 or top 10 they believe are the most qualified. Our job search experts have put together some of the best resume writing tips you can use that will help make your resume stand out.

  • Correct Grammatical Errors - This may be implied but this is a big mistake many job seekers overlook. Recruiters will almost automatically throw out any resumes with spelling or grammatical errors. After you write your resume, review it, have another person review it, then re-review it. We cannot stress the importance of having your resume grammatically correct.
  • Outline Your Accomplishments - Resumes are purposed to outline what you accomplished in past jobs and education. Recruiters love to see specific goals listed on your resume and they will definitely ask about these during the interview.
  • Don't Lie On Your Resume - Many people think it's a good idea to fluff your resume however recruiters see hundreds of these fluffed resumes daily and can spot them quickly. Additionally, you will be asked about anything you written on your resume so be prepared to explain and elaborate on anything you put down.
  • Remember What You Write - Interviewers love to pick out the smallest details in your resume so it's always best to remember any line you may have written in your resume. We recommend practicing and editing what you write as this will help you remember it during the interview.
  • Keep it structured and Organized - Having a clean organized resume can go a long ways when recruiters are looking over your resume. There are plenty of layouts for different types of jobs and choosing one is entirely up to you. We put together a few examples of resumes that have a clean and easy flow to them.



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