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Are you having trouble finding a job? There are thousands of jobs seekers who make some of the most common mistakes in their hunt for a job. We worked with top experts in the industry to put together some time-saving job search tips and practices that will surely help you in your job hunt.

  • Always Be Prepared - From the start of your job search process to the very end when you start work, always be prepared. Always keep an updated resume and be ready for any opportunity that may jump your way.
  • Practice - Many job seekers make the mistake of not practicing their knowledge of what's on their resume or even what possible interview questions they may have. We recommend reviewing both of these 3-5days before your interview.
  • Reach Out In Any Way Possible - Finding a direct line to the recruiting office at many major companies is difficult. We recommend emailing or using your network to get in touch. Recruiters are there for a reason, to recruit, so making yourself standout shows initiative and increases your chance of them picking your resume.
  • Keep Your Options Open - Many people make the mistake of not keeping their options open. We understand that you shouldn't jump at every opportunity but many times recruiters may find your resume and want to speak with you. It is always good to do research and see if there is room for growth.
  • Learn the Power of Social Network - Recruiters are now using companies like Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter and most of all, LinkedIn for finding potential applicants. Keeping your profiles professional and updated will help you stand out as these channels have become the major tool for companies hiring in today's market.
  • Be Specific - Many job sites or aggregators pull from different job engines to bring you results however the more specific you are in your search, the more effective these job results will be. For example searching for "Airport Jobs" over searching "Jobs" will bring better and more accurate results.

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