Top Job Locations

With major companies opening up offices all around the United States, location can be a large part on where or if you get hired. People will generally flock to the larger more socially attractive cities like Los Angeles or New York however we found some other cities that job seekers have found to be quite successful for their job search.

  • Top cities determined around job growth, demand, employment rates
  • Bethesda, Maryland – Top Industries Hiring - Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality
  • Austin, Texas– Top Industries Hiring - Healthcare, Business Services, Manufacturing
  • Jacksonville, Florida – Top Industries Hiring - IT, Education, Healthcare
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan – Top Industries Hiring - Healthcare, Education, IT, Engineering
  • Columbus, Ohio – Top Industries Hiring - Automotive, Healthcare
  • Seattle, Washington – Top Industries Hiring - Education, Health Services, Manufacturing
  • Phoenix, Arizona – Top Industries Hiring - Hospitality, Financial Services, Construction
  • New York, New York – Top Industries Hiring - Financial Services, Retail, Technology
  • Richmond, Virginia– Top Industries Hiring - Customer Service, Technology, Financial Services
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Top Industries Hiring - Aviation, Aerospace, Biotechnology